Wolf PSU NPZ 1-4x Scope Review & Zero Testing

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2y Oct 20, 2018

The Wolf PSU NPZ 1-4x scope is a direct Elcan competitor in that it's a flip lever between 1 and 4x, theoretically being the best of both worlds encompassed in one optic.

Ian used this scope on his left handed Spuhr enhanced G3 at the recent Arizona Independence Day Rifle match and experienced a very weird issue in that he did better at long range (4x) then he did at close range while using the 1x setting.

We zeroed this rifle at 4x, for obvious reasons, and assumed that was fine. A question has arisen, however: is there a problem with this scope in regards to zero shift when going between 1 and 4x?

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Mustafa's Fleas @mustafasfleas 2m 2 months ago

Was there ever any response from Wolf regarding the very real problems uncovered with their PSU NPZ?

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