Silver short squeeze live Q&A for Reddit WallStreetBets & new silver investors

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6m Jan 30, 2021

#Silvershortsqueeze live Q&A for Reddit WallStreetBets & new silver investors

There’s some amazing history happening at this exact moment in the silver market.

Because after the #WallStreetBets #Reddit group triggered short squeezes on GameSpot and AMC earlier this week, they then turned their attention to the silver market on Friday.

And in just one single day, over 34 million ounces of silver were purchased through the SLV silver trust. Which is far and away a record, and makes you wonder what could happen on Monday.

To help answer any investor questions, whether you’re new to the market or a long time veteran, I’m bringing top silver experts James Anderson and Rob Kientz to join me on this special call tonight.

So to be ready for when the silver market opens Sunday night, click to watch this timely call and ask your silver questions now!

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