Learning and Preparing to Drive with Aspergers

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2m Sep 17, 2021

I decided to talk about my progress with driving so far, luckily I am making some progress! As some of you might know by now, I have aspergers, and I thought it would be interesting to document and showcase the different things I experience in my life. I hope to make more and to improve the quality of them with every video too. I always thought having aspergers would make it very difficult to drive but luckily I'm actually finding it a lot easier now than I thought I would 😂

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About Crimbro

Hey guys, my name is Crimbro but you can either call me Crim or Mike. I'm a twitch streamer and content creator from Ireland. I am a vlog/video game content creator. I also make vlogs talking about the experiences and struggles of having aspergers


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