100 Year Old Potato Waffle Recipe Picayunes Creole Cookbook - Old Cookbook Show - Glen And Friends

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2m Feb 6, 2021

Potato Waffle Recipe (Gaufres de Pommes de Terre)1910 Picayunes Creole Cookbook - Old Cookbook Show - Glen And Friends Cooking
Welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen, welcome back to Sunday morning and the 'Old Cookbook Show. Today we're going to do another recipe out of this cookbook; it's called the 'Picayunes Creole Cookbook', it was published in 1910 by the Daily Picayune in New Orleans and it has a lot of really interesting recipes in it and it's it's written in a tone that in 1910 they want to bring back forgotten Creole recipes. They already see that their Creole identity is being eroded by the larger or greater American identity. As you see I've got a lot of recipes here that I've marked that I want to do over the next year.

1 pint of Irish potatoes.
4 eggs
1 pint of flour
1½ pints of milk
½ cake of compressed yeast

Mash the boiled, left-over potatoes through a sieve, and then add the milk and the sifted flour.
Add the yeast, which you will have dissolved in a little warm water, and set the whole to rise for two hours.
At the end of that time add the eggs, beaten separately, and mix well.
Set to rise again for a half hour, till light, and then bake according to your waffle irons instructions.

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