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1m Jun 13, 2021

Carla, one of that rare breed of women, who harbours a powerful aversion for children, is hoping to save her old friend Roger from being drawn into the clutches of Sue, a woman who desperately wants to 'start a family' (as she puts it).
For most of his adult life Roger was equally unenthusiastic about the prospect of fatherhood but has he now changed his mind?  Carla meets Sue at a dinner party held by Ann, herself prematurely aged by the rigours of parenthood and struggling to control her unruly and malevolent children whilst being constantly reminded by Carla of the glittering career she was forced to give up. The battle lines are drawn.

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Julia Faulkner
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson
Filmed by Ian Dixon Potter and edited by Howard White


"Carla neither wants children herself nor can tolerate the children of others. Invited to a dinner party where her old university friends either possess or crave them, her views are unpopular to say the least. Ian Dixon Potter is back in Alan Bennett territory with the writing here"
"Faulkner provides an economical, sometimes bitter delivery. A difficult subject to discuss without losing audience sympathy."

★★★★ Theatre Monkey

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