Q&A - December 2019

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1y Dec 23, 2019

Heath I
What are you each most excited about for next year?

Do you guys think caseless and or polymer cased ammunition will come to be popular, affordable or as good as current standards?

John G
Which firearm would you say has been the most successful failure (highest distribution vs worst performance)?

Navy D
Have you considered a “winterized” brutality match, maybe Arctic Brutality?

Craig L
Do you think having bolt action rifles in intermediate cartridges would have made bolt action rifles in ww2 more effective for what they were?

Jacob M
Do you think it is better for the end user to have an optic that is battery powered for illumination, or one that is tritium illuminated?

Caleb S
Company nonsense aside, would you guys be interested in testing a Springfield imported / made HS Produkt VHS rifle if they ever came to be, or are you thoroughly sick of testing bullpups?

Locking actions in submachine guns?

Chadi P. K.
I heard both of you agree that magazines are one of the core sources of firearms malfunctioning. Why then are you both against carrying a spare mag in your EDC?

Jonas G
How long have Ian had that beard?

Matthew B
Why haven't we seen any "quick detatch" tubular magazines for shotguns and rifles?

Gary Y
When you're stuck in an airport waiting for a flight, what is your go to food choice?

Will W
Most gun guys are also car guys as well and you both have had or have project cars but do you have a dream car that you would both love to have?

Stokes V
Hi Fellas, have either of you ever been approached, and/or would you accept, the position as armorer for a major film?

Any experience with the Faxon ARAK 21 Upper?

Chris C
What was your favorite movie from the past year?

Brian I
Do you edit videos for YouTube differently than you would for other platforms to conform to YouTubes restrictions?

Desi O
Is the scout rifle still a valid concept, if not would you change it?

Is there any benefits to shoot modern Bolt action(tikka t3 or steyer scout or best you can think of) over old Bolt actions like (m1917) in 2gacm?

Jasper W
What was the first semi-automatic pistol that could be safely carried with a round in the chamber and drawn and fired like a revolver with no manipulation of hammer or safety?

Based on your experience handling the Robinson XCR what is your opinion on the design of it's bolt-release? Theoretically it's function is similar to the infamous BAD-lever, is it better or worse?

Mattia S
Are you planning to have some blind stages on DB2020 or other matches?

Steven W
If you were taking a person to their first match, what kind of match would you take them to to introduce them to the shooting sports?

James B
I was wondering what are your thoughts if Brownells did a roller delayed blowback AR upper? Would this be a feasible project? Love the show!

Michael S
Any timeline for the new production of the WWSD polymer lowers from Brownell's?

If you could erase ONLY one gun myth from the consciousness of humanity, which one would you obliterate?

Christopher D
Why no en-bloc-clip-fed pistols?

London Jolly
Has there been an increase in AR/AK pistols being used as a competitors main firearm at 2gun?

Les W
Stage guns at matches usually seem to cause a lot of hiccups in the match. What qualities are required to make a stage gun viable instead of just a novelty that causes more trouble than its worth.

Nathan S
Are visible lasers useful or just point shooting with extra steps?

Kalle C
Have you made a gingerbread cookies for the holidays?

Why do you think it is that The Mandalorian's blaster rifle failed in the mud?

Gori the all powerful
Given that it was among the more popular revolvers of the civil war, what do you make of the Starr revolver (single action specifically) verses the Colt and Remington pistols of the day?

Philipp S
From Ians Interview with the Challenger, Ian said he was coming to IWA 2020 ("Shotshow but in europe"). Is Karl coming as well and is there a fan meetup planned? Would love to meet you there.

Do you guys have any recommended exercises or drills to improve offhand shooting?

Jesse B
I was rereading Watchmen for the countless time and the quote "The superman exists, and he is American" got me thinking. If the "superman" existed, is that a good thing?

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