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1m Jun 14, 2021

Detective Sergeant Dunderdale is on the brink of solving a bloody murder but is there enough evidence to convict Yousef Massoud? Dunderdale is determined to secure a conviction by fair means or foul. After all, isn't it acceptable to bend the rules a little if the only alternative is for a dangerous killer to walk free?

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Neil Summerville
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson
Edited by Howard White


“Confession feels authentic and credible. The big advantage is that the whole thing is wrapped up in a single short act. Pleasing as you will want to know how it ends even as you are appalled by the direction the investigation is going. Summerville holds the camera as well as he holds his drink, and you should resist jumping scenes as this all makes sense in the end. A short play that works equally well online or live.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey

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