Marlowe's Ghost

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William Shakespeare, now retired and living in Stratford-upon-Avon is haunted by the ghost of a fellow playwright, assassinated nearly a quarter century before.
Marlowe's Ghost provides an answer to two great mysteries; the reason why Shakespeare aged forty seven, retired at the height of his powers and also why he shunned the recognition due to him, even during his prolific years, to the extent that there are many who question the authorship of his plays.
“Two things motivate men above all else, the desire for immortality and the desire for revenge. In my work I satiated both desires but the latter was far stronger.” (William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon 1615)

​Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Adapted from 'The Dead Shepherd' by Robert Pope & Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Mark Shaer
Videography by Howard White
Original music composed by Neil Thompson

“Marlowe’s Ghost is an enjoyable and relaxedly educational monologue.”
“Dixon Potter is a very capable writer and here demonstrates considerable skill in the way that he presents a great deal of material in a very accessible manner.”
“Shaer makes an entertaining guide through some of the darker aspects of the theatre world in the late sixteenth century.”
“production values are surprisingly high”
“The Golden Age Theatre Company is new to me but, on the strength of this and other productions that are also available on YouTube, it is certainly one to watch, especially when the veil is finally lifted and we see the return of theatre proper.”
★★★★ Tony Medawar for London Theatre 1

​“Mark Shaer’s performance is compelling. Indeed, deserving of the attention of casting directors looking for a well-modulated speech-pattern and steadiness over the course of a lengthy scene requiring animation in ways not disturbing an overall effect of stillness.”
“Howard White keeps the videography in sympathy, altering the angle only occasionally to relieve monotony. Neil Thompson serves up appropriately period music to do likewise.”
"Dixon Potter manages to mix the few known facts with reasonable conjecture and a little dramatic licence to season”
"A neat piece for those wishing to learn a little more about Shakespeare’s often overshadowed contemporaries.”
★★★★ Theatre Monkey

​“Mark Shaer holds Shakespeare in high regard, with an intrinsically powerful stance, an enviable clarity and expression in this monologue.”
“As engaging as it is educational, Dixon Potter’s writing staves off a stale vibe, instead, capitalising on the bard’s life which was as dramatic as his onstage creations. Thankfully refusing to bury the past, Marlowe’s Ghost shines a light into the bleaker corners of the late sixteenth century, not solely diving into the history of the bard but the fundamental nature of script-writing and of theatre’s history.”
“With a delicate sense of humour, Shaer’s recitation of the monologue is a powerhouse in control. Never allowing emotion to overflow, it takes considerable nerve and robust skill to deliver a speech laden with historical facts (all with a side serving of dramatic liberty of course), and Shaer excels. Exuberant prowess in his conviction of the script, clarity, and diction, he has fun with it, savouring every inch of the role.”
“Love, life, faith, art – death. Everything is dissected and composed with an astute sense of writing in Marlowe’s Ghost, which transcends history and steps out into the contemporary era as an engaging monologue which draws on an immense pool of mystery and wit. Carried by a strong performance from Shaer, this adaptation of Potter and Robert Pope’s The Dead Shepherd makes for a compelling and accessible piece.”
★★★★ (Three and a half stars) Dominic Corr for The Reviews Hub

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