Balikli pump shotguns - How to remove tube magazine plug (shell limiter) on BS-101,BS-104, etc.

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6m Nov 23, 2020

Balikli shotguns How to remove tube magazine plug (shell limiter) on BS 101,BS 104, etc, Some pump shotguns have a so-called shell limiter or plug installed by default. Manufacturers install them there due to different legislation in different countries.

It is usually a plastic thing that is inserted into the tubular magazine and prevents the insertion of more than 2 shells.

With Balikli shotguns, the shell limiter is found on long models and can be easily removed. Of course, you should not remove it if it is contrary to legislation in your country. In this video we will look at the procedure for the Balili Stranger BS-101 shotgun. The same procedure can be used for all shotguns manufactured by Balikli, but also for models from other manufacturers.

I believe that the video will help you.


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