"Muay Thai Space" - BWAO (breakdown)

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1m Jul 25, 2021

Muay Thai Space is the name for the gym located on BWAO Office building. While the gym was not the main focus of BWAO, it does bring us a place to train with proper equipment and areas to work at, with whoever they're with. However, what I haven't known is whether it works like a Gym membership for the commercial ones (the same question could be asked about Bardales)

This video is divided into four points:

  • About the Building
  • Site Location
  • Floor Plan
  • Public or Private Areas
  • How do the areas work (the sports being done in the areas, or CAN be done, if had never been done)
  • A controversial comparison I might be mentioning...
  • Compared to...
  • Why it is or it is NOT like that

More details about Bardales (structure, material, etc.)

Song used:
Abk Bähbän Musik (Audiojungle) Hip Hop Life

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