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4y Mar 30, 2017

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - Let's take a look at this accessory - the DaVinci IQ glass spacer set which allows you to vaporize more efficiently. Click now to watch!

The DaVinci IQ spacer set is an all new accessory designed specifically with the IQ. It is mainly used to reduce the capacity of the oven while maintaining the surrounding radiant temperature to vaporize more efficiently when using less material.

This kit comes with a 10mm and a 6mm glass spacer. So you can fill to the desired level and see which size works best for you. Simply load your oven half full and place a spacer on top for a great pack and radiant heat around the entire oven.

You can also place the glass spacer first and then fill the remaining space. This approach will keep the oven cleaner and is easier to load and unload your loose leaf. Use caution and allow the unit to cool when loading and unloading as the glass spacers become hot.

Get these glass spacer set for you DaVinci IQ today! http://www.davincivaporizer.com/iq-vaporizer-accessories/


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