Sgt Ducky Outro Theme Songs

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6m May 19, 2020

A collection of all the songs I made for my outros and videos over the years along with some extras I made in my free time,
(Timestamps Below)
00:00 - F.U.C.T Original (Outro)
00:43 - F.U.C.T 2 (Outro)
03:07 - F.U.C.T 3
05:20 - F.U.C.T 4
06:40 - F.U.S.T (Things I Hate About Dogs Video)
08:12 - F.U.C.T Stream Edition (Not Yet Used)
10:06 - Quackline Miami (Outro)
11:43 - DJ Big Knob (Pet Peeves 3)
12:56 - From Duck Till Dawn (Unused)
15:01 - Most Duckiest Man Alive (Unused)

I made these songs myself to avoid any copyright claims for my outro as I know a few YouTubers who retroactively got old videos copyright claimed when a song they used (that was copyright free at the time) got licensed by a label.
So in the spirit of that feel free to use any of these songs in your own videos and projects.

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