Facebook Ads, Advanced Targeting and Audience Selection 2020

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1y Sep 3, 2019

Want to run Facebook Ads with a very advanced audience selection and targeting. In this 2020tutorial, I go through every variation of audiences you can select. From demographics, interests, website traffic, Facebook Page, and Instagram Likes and engagements retargeting from your Facebook Pixel, and creating lookalike audiences, I cover every option that is available. Targeting the right audience is key to your success in running Facebook ads. You need a high percentage of people to click on your advertisement and engage with it. This will mean you pay less per click or impression, AND it will mean it will be relevant to more people you are paying to get in front of.

If you need help setting up a Facebook Pixel, I created this tutorial showing you how to set up a Facebook Pixel on WordPress: https://youtu.be/AqkEIRNgxhE

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