Muslim Invasion of Medieval Iberia in 711 AD - DEBUNKED

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4m May 13, 2021

The Muslim Conquest of Medieval Iberia has been framed as this massive expansion of Islam and a vicious Holy War to seize lands from the defensive Christian Kingdoms of Europe and Asia and no other conquest comes to mind such as the Muslim Conquest of Medieval Iberia that is modern day Spain and Portugal.

But what if..... that isn't entirely true? What if rather than it being an "invasion" we find out that it is way more complicated than that?

What if we told you that they were invited in by Visigoths themselves?

In this episode Dr. Kyle Lincoln debunks, clarifies and explains many common misconceptions and inaccurate narratives and opinions when it comes to medieval Islam, its conquests and medieval Iberia.

During this period the Visigoths were at war with each other and some of them looked to mercenary help from the outside to help them defeat their enemies and so they turned to professional soldiers who realistically may have been "Muslim" in name and minor practice only. Upon arrival they fought for their Visigoth Employers and eventually the Visigoths attempted to cheat them out of their pay. Naturally these mercenaries then proceeded to take what was theirs and eventually that lead to more armies and factions moving into Iberia and expanding across the peninsula creating what is commonly referred to as "Muslim or Islamic" Spain - Iberia.

In short.... always pay your mercenaries and lastly Dr. Lincoln gives us a list of works by actual experts that dive into this complex subject that better explains it and leaves us with a much better understanding of the past.

For more information on Dr. Lincoln and his awesome work check out these links below to his book and other writings!

Edited by Miguel Gómez, Kyle C. Lincoln and Damian J. Smith

Academia Profile: https://uwlax.academia.edu/KyleLincoln

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