Mike Tyson KOs Biggs "If I don't kill him--it don't count."

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7y Oct 16, 2013

This Day in Boxing October 16, 1987 -- "If I don't kill him -- it don't count." Mike Tyson said quietly as he, Kevin Rooney and Steve Lott were leaving the weighin for his fight with Tyrell Biggs. Mike wanted revenge for the years that Biggs was given superior status in the amateur ranks. Mike was relegated to second class citizenship for two reasons. 1. His professional style of boxing was not looked on favorably by the amateur organizations. 2. Cus D'amato was not a fan of the amateur program. Watch closely as Oprah Winfrey appears in shock as Biggs and Mike go crashing through the ropes and headed for her!

Este Día de Boxeo 16 de octubre 1987 - "Si yo no lo mato - que no cuentan. " Mike Tyson dijo en voz baja que él, Kevin Rooney y yo salíamos del weighin para su pelea con Tyrell Biggs . Mike quería venganza por los años que Biggs se le dio estatus superior en las filas de aficionados . Mike fue relegado a la ciudadanía de segunda clase por dos razones. 1. Su estilo profesional de boxeo no fue visto con buenos ojos por las organizaciones de aficionados. 2. Cus D' Amato no era un fan del programa de aficionados. Preste especial atención a como aparece Oprah Winfrey en shock mientras Biggs y Mike van estrellándose a través de las cuerdas y se dirigieron a ella!

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