Was Christopher A Rat? | The Sopranos Explained

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1m Dec 3, 2021

Now, the issue as to why Tony Soprano killed Christopher and phycology and analysis behind this is something I’ve already discussed in a video called “Why did Tony kill Christopher?” It might be worth checking out that video before you continue with this one, as I discuss in great detail Tony’s line of reasoning for killing Chris and his mindset behind the decision, and for the sake of people who have already watched that video I want to avoid going over the same points.

This video is basically an extension of that one, but of course that video is already very long, so here I wanted to discuss a further possibility with regards to Christopher’s death, a Sopranos theory which is a lot more obscure than many I’ve discussed on the channel but one that is worth talking about, and that is – did Christopher become a rat, and was he wearing a wire when he was with Tony in the car?

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