XP Network Is about to Launch ! This Codeless Dapp IDO Is Today!

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4d Sep 14, 2021

XP Network Is about to Launch ! The codeless Dapp IDO is todayThe XP.Network is tearing down walls between blockchains and is set for its IDO on Tuesday, September 14th on BSCpad, Occam and Gate.io. The XP.network is the first blockchain-agnostic NFT ecosystem. It enables multichain support out of the box for any minted NFT, dApp or use case, allowing NFTs and funds to flow freely between networks and wallets. XP.Network is the ultimate bridge. If you trade in multiple blockchains you will see how having a one-stop shop for bridging NFTs and funds freely is very exciting. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The XP.Network is not just looping in chains. They are building the largest NFT dApp ecosystem – one that will connect different protocols and remove the entry barriers for non-technical entrepreneurs. It offers a complete toolset for creating NFT dApps, including a smart contract editor, a migration module, a testnet, and more. This is perfect for crypto enthusiasts who don’t have to code to use all of these tools. The XP.Network is filling a massive void in the market and is exactly what we need to continue to push forward towards decentralization and mass adoption.

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