Racism Exists on the Left and Right, I Denounce Both

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6m Mar 21, 2021

Become a monthly contributor http://yaronbrookshow.com/support This video was created by Christian Jackson. Taken from YBS: Anti-Racist, Racist Math & The Cultural Inquisition Streamed live March 9, 2021. You can see the full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kicFTbzx-HQ

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tjhessmon @tjhessmon 6m 6 months ago

In this video, Hegelian Dialectics are used to attempt to make false point. The presenter argues using Hegelian Dialectic parameters to found his argument. He starts with the false notion that there exists a "Left" and a "RIght" which is factually inaccurate to describe how humans think and believe. However, Hegelian dialectics only work in opposites, so the Hegelians established the basis for belief founded in those two opposite extremes.
The same holds true for the topic of racism. Hegelians established two opposite terms to represent all races of people (Black and White). however, neither term accurately reflects any race of human.

Hegelian dialectics, are used to establish hatred of something identified as a "Thesis" by the opposite which is identified as "Antithesis". The idea is for the Antithesis to war against the Thesis in order to eliminate the Thesis, resulting in Synthesis.

A prime example of the use of Hegelian dialectics to eliminate a thesis is the 3rd Reich's use of Hegelian dialectics to war against the Jews of Europe.

There are two focus groups which purveyors of Hegelian religion historically have attempted to destroy. Jews and Christians. This is because the majority of those who are believers of those two religions are Caucasian people. and from the Hebrew we learn that Caucasians match exactly the definition of the Hebrew term Adam. Therefore, its the specific focus of the Hegelian's to commit genocide against the tribes of Adam which include all of the tribes of Israel.

Hegelian dialectics are a self destructive methodology, a continual circle of hatred and destruction. They represent the epitome of racial genocide..... Therefore, spend more time learning about Hegelian dialectics, and where and when one can spot their use....
If you observe the following then you are observing the use of Hegelian Dialectics

Left VS RIght
Black VS White
Woman VS Man
99% VS 1%

Jesus Christ identified this use of dialectics as a sign of the end of this earth age ... Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.... The Greek word translated Nation in the English is Ethnos in the Greek. Its where the English word Ethnic is based.
and nation shall rise against nation
should read
and Ethnic shall rise against Ethnic

Its Hegelian dialectics which cause this Ethnic warring in antithesis

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