How to Attach Videos to Your Email Signature (Gmail/Gsuite, 2020)

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2y Feb 11, 2019

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to attach videos to your email signature.
The best part is, when you include a YouTube video embedded within your video, a clickable thumbnail appears and people can watch the video within their email.
This is an amazing tool for small businesses. We're emailing people constantly, so why not give people an opportunity to see a video about us and what we do.
Your video attached to your signature should tell people how you're able to help customers and clients. What impact do you have on people you work with? What sets you apart and makes you unique from your competition.
You'll see in this video how easy it is for people to click on your video. I've with a number of clients who've got videos directly from videos we've created that are attached to their email signature.

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