Broly Discovers Shiba Inu! Crypto To the MOON! VRchat funny moments!

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2m May 24, 2021

Has Broly found the greatest Crypto currency in the world with Shiba inu? We'll find out in this hilarious VRchat episode, full of funny moments and more shilling than you'd see at your local auction! So strap in for a good time as Dragonballs favorite Saiyan Broly spreads the world of SHIBA to VRchat! Palpatine, kefka, Battletoads, Morty, Kuwabara and Micky show up to share in the promotion as well!
Stay tuned to the end for a word from the man Chun himself!
Keep in mind I am not a financial advisor. Make sure to do your own research, and only invest what you can afford. May luck be with us all!

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About ChunChasku

Broly Decided to make a Utreon channel! Enjoy some Gameplays, VRchat, Reacts and more! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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