Fake WWII collectibles: Phony Nazi Steyr M.95

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2w Apr 16, 2021

There is a lot of forgery going on in the collectible gun community. People will fake anything they can to increase the value of something, many times destroying the value of an otherwise perfectly collectible firearm. In this instance we take look at a Steyr M.95 carbine that is covered in fake WWII Nazi Germany acceptance marks.

Sadly, people fake markings on firearms to try and increase their value. In this case we talk about a couple firearms but focus on the Steyr M.95 chambered in either 8x50R or 8x56R. In the 1990's about 100 Steyr M95's came into the country with fake Nazi proof marks. We show you one of these rifles and talk about how to avoid faked collectible firearms.

IMPORTANT: All shooting is done on a state approved firing range and under the supervision of trained professionals. Our videos are produced in a safe environment by highly trained professionals with decades of experience. We are Federally licensed and are compliant with all Federal and State laws. Do not attempt to replicate the actions featured in our videos without the proper training, licensing and without medical professionals present.

We are not attempting to sell you the items featured in this video. We are not instructing our viewers on how to modify firearms, accessories or otherwise change their basic legal function. All firearms and accessories are legal products commonly available in stores all across the United States. Our videos are for entertainment purposes only.

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