Traffic signals are racist. No, this is not a parody. It's real.

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1y Jul 10, 2020

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You can't make this stuff up: https://level.medium.com/the-unintentional-racism-found-in-traffic-signals-b2899c34fefb

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themuffinman @themuffinman 12m 12 months ago

Perhaps the author wrote this to audition for The Onion... for his sake, I truly hope so.

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themuffinman @themuffinman 12m 12 months ago

Human beings are great at finding patterns - even when they don't exist. Perhaps the best way to respond to this sort of nonsense is to use the exact same logic against the author. For example:

The author's article is dominated by a white background, and the black text he uses represents only a very small proportion of the page. He must, therefore, believe that white people are more important - even if only subconsciously.

Naturally he could debunk this argument - and his own in the process.

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