Indo European Origins | DNA

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7m Feb 6, 2021

In this episode I once again host a channel favorite Mr. Razib Khan on a widely studied subject and that is the Origins of the Indo Europeans and how ancient DNA answers and possibly concludes the question of who were the Indo Europeans and where did they come from?

We start off by discussing what comes to mind when we hear the term "Indo European?"

Such images like vast language family trees, trilateral religious worship and the chariot may instantly spring to mind and then we look at their legacy?

What lingers on today that is an echo of the peoples we have come to describe as Indo Europeans?

We explore traditional viewpoints based on archaeology and historiography as we examine what historians over the past century thought about these groups and where they thought they had derived from originally?

And finally we come to ancient DNA itself and what studies have shown us about the ancient Indo Europeans, their geography and their neighbors in the wake of expansion, migration, violence and assimilation.

The phrase "history is written by the victor" springs to mind when examining this history and this victory was achieved in many ways as the Indo Europeans spread out and eventually settled as ancient peoples and their world, cultures and languages seem to slowly wash away through time leaving us with in some cases more questions than answers.

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