Q&A - July 2020

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1y Jul 30, 2020

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Table of Contents

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0:39 Cameron W: Will you be revisiting optics for WWSD2020?
1:30 Paul S: What’s going on with Brutality matches due to the pandemic?
3:26 Chadi P: If you had to move out of the USA, where would you settle?
4:00 NotHiddeninSomeBunker, OHNO: Is the HiPoint a good choice for a first pistol?
4:50 Andrew C: With all the new gun owners will we see less demand for gun restrictions?
5:50 Kory Z: What is the one thing that bugs you most about “gun culture”?
8:50 Robert S: Are there any advantages to an SMG converted to semi over a pistol?
9:30 Peter A: Are laser dry fire systems worthwhile?
10:23 Bunny: Are CNC machined bullets worth the cost in 380?
11:00 Thomas N: Is there a reason for a 5.7 Revolver?
11:23 Pratik: I don’t own a gun because l live in California, what should I get?
12:20 Windwalker57: What long arm and sidearm would you bring to WW1 if you had to use ammunition available at the time?
13:15 Brandan S: Do you think competition shooting puts an emphasis on low power cartridges?
14:50 Nicholas P: Was there any particular piece of media that got you interested in firearms?
15:55 Teddy: Do you have any particular method for finding cool gun/pawn shops?
17:00 RedArmyReenactor: People usually denigrate Soviet machine guns from WW2. Is that fair?
18:20 Andrew C: Did you make that outside table you use for reviews?
18:48 Matthew J: Any chance for Winter Brutality?
19:00 Michael K: Have you ever considered using your best gear in a filmed match to go for the win?
20:15 Uilim: With failing eyesight, what’s the best sighting system?
20:42 Lane W: Should the G36 have been retained by the German military?
21:39 Andrew D: Do you think the 45 Colt is still popular because of military adoption?
22:34 Will W: Did you keep the .50 GI Glock?
22:59 Asdf: Is there a benefit of learning to shoot with iron sights over optics?
23:45 Derrick S: What firearms are overhyped by the media?
24:45 Peterson D: Is it safe to shoot a Springfield Trapdoor with light smokeless “cowboy” loads?
25:30 Vox: Which fictional firearm was best suited for its environment?
25:50 Jaw: Ever considered doing a long range precision match with a WW1 or WW2 rifle?
26:15 Rebecca F: What would you choose to arm relatively unknowledgeable people with?
26:47 Adam A: What C&R pistol would you carry if you had to?
27:12 Bryce D: Any update on Woodland Brutality?
27:17 Jon: Will you consider a how to get started basics video with blackpowder?
27:38 Robert Q: Appendix carry: dangerous fad or legitimate?
28:25 Adam B: Do you think historic settings in games have helped or hurt interest in historical firearms?
29:10 DandyEcho: What is your favorite camo?
29:33 Cian L: If you could be an observer to any one event in the “Old West” which would it be?
30:30 Johnathan B: What is the most influential cartridge design in history?
31:24 John D: What parts can be replaced on a WWSD build to reduce cost?
32:28 Jonathon: What is a good left handed holster for 2g-ACM?
33:30 Eki T: Which is more important? Optics or Semi-Auto?
33:40 Mike K: What should you stockpile first? Body armor, med kit or ammo?
34:00 Yuri R: What is your worst firearms related injury?
34:28 Mr. Smileys: What are your thoughts on mass media firearms related TV shows?
35:20 Bodkin: Why do you hate on the CZ52?
35:43 Daniel O: What is your philosophy for home defense? Chest rig or plate carrier?
36:14 Nakkisalsa: What are your thoughts on the Finns replacing the SVD with something else in 7.62x51?
36:55 Brian I: Top 5 least favorite common guns?
37:24 Sface: Is constant recoil in a military weapon a good idea?
37:50 Kyle C: What are the benefits of a O/U shotgun vs SxS?
38:13 Jose Hey-Soup: Would a modern magazine in the M1 Carbine fix the gun?
38:42 Justin: Any sage wisdom for new match directors for stages and matches?
39:04 Chance H: Any thoughts on the mobile game Chance Frontline?
39:20 Angus: Will polymer cases ever become the norm or are they just a fad?
39:50 Galen P: Why are you promoting masks for COVID19 when “herd immunity” is the best way to protect the vulnerable?
42:38 Matt J: Would you ever do OWV style content about civil war sites?
42:49 Joshua H: Was the Schofield tactically superior to the SAA Colt?
43:28 ADK: Was the Spencer rifle ever optimized?
44:08 Martin H: What is your secret sauce in your black powder Colt to keep it running?

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