Yaron Brook Show: Why the Left hates Philanthropy & More...

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2y Dec 1, 2018

Yaron discusses Why the Left hates Philanthropy & More

00:00:15: American approach to charity; altruism and benevolence; wealthy Americans
00:07:10: Hating Jeff Bezos, Left & Trump; philanthropy for homeless & poor; education
00:19:42: producers and economic progress; American Universities; unearned money
00:26:40: Stanford university Bob Reich’s 5 reasons to hate philanthropy
00:41:00: moral heroes and Productivity
00:46:02: Question: Doesn’t freedom create wealth because it attracts ambitious people to those areas?
00:51:37: Question: Are politicians/cronys/intellectuals envious of true producers?
00:52:55: Question: Is selling of user data dishonest?
00:55:50: Question: How do economists measure and distinguish between growth and inflation?
00:58:15: Question: Did the Federal Reserve end the bank runs in the 19th and 20th century?

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Yaron Brook, Radical for Capitalism, discusses news, culture and politics from the principled perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Yaron is the executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute and a world class speaker.


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