Race and Racism and the Middle Ages | Dr. Paul Sturtevant | Dr. Amy Kaufman

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9m Dec 10, 2020

In this presentation the superb scholars Dr. Sturtevant and Dr. Kaufman guide us into a ferocious and heatedly discussed topic and that is the concept of "race and racism in the medieval world."

Was Medieval Europe purely a "white space?"

Did racism exist in the Middle Ages?

Are there examples of racial prejudice in Medieval literature? Are people of color seen in medieval writings?

Did skin color and religion such share a connection? Are people of color seen in medieval Christianity?

From discussing Black Saints and travel in the Middle Ages and the interconnectedness of the Medieval world we see a complicated history representing complicated societies, peoples and interactions.

To support these awesome scholars please check out the links below and buy a copy of their book!

To buy a copy go here: https://utorontopress.com/ca/the-devil-x2019-s-historians-2

Dr. Paul Sturtevant.

Website: www.paulsturtevant.com

Academia: https://si.academia.edu/PaulSturtevant

His first book "The Middle Ages in Popular Imagination: Memory, Film, and Medievalism", which lays out a study he did of what people "know" about the Middle Ages, and how they learn about it (especially through consuming pop culture).

The "Race, Racism and the Middle Ages" series at The Public Medievalist: https://www.publicmedievalist.com/race-racism-middle-ages-toc/

Check out The Public Medievalist here: https://www.publicmedievalist.com

Dr. Amy Kaufman

Website: https://www.amyskaufman.com/

The Devils Historians Website: https://www.devilshistorians.com/

An article she did involving ISIS, Terrorism and History.

Academia: https://independent.academia.edu/KaufmanAmy

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