St Helens 2 Strahan 14 Day 4

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Day 4
Day four and the crap weather that we were expecting had arrived. But to our luck, it wasn’t that bad. It was a wet and rainy start, but the buffet breakfast had filled us up and ready to go. The GPS told us it was 280km’s to Strahan, we overhead someone say it was 230, either way, we knew it was going to be a big day. The first part of the day we were following a rouge GPS route, it had started wandering off on imaginary tracks. Luckily one of the blokes who made these GPS routes was in one of the groups we were following. As a big group, we all got lost together. We left behind evidence on where to go for the other groups to follow. But after we had found the way we were met with what’s called the magnet creek track. This used to be an old train line that’s turned into a sloppy, slippery track, and later turns into a track with a river running down it. That track was one of the highlights of the day. After a fair bit of roadwork, we had managed to catch up to the riders at the ferry. We knew we were getting closer to Strahan because the terrain was starting to change. But before we knew it, we were on some sandy 4WD tracks with black bog holes with the ocean on the horizon. After many kilometers, we were finally on the climes track which is a popular 4WD track on the West Coast. A lot of riders really enjoyed it, for me personally, it felt like it never ended. Rock step-ups, black bog holes, and slippery rocks sum it up pretty well. After that, we were on our way to the Henty dunes and onto the beach. Not really to our surprise, once we got on the beach we immediately saw a group of riders stopped, we pulled up and saw that the river had eroded the sand and we couldn’t get around the point of the beach. So we were forced to backtrack our way through the dunes and road it into Strahan. We were glad we had finished but we were sad that it was over. We road into our final stop and got our photo taken by the camera crew and family. It didn’t take us long to head for our rooms to have a hot shower. During dinner, we were sharing all the great memories we had during our 4 days with local and mainland riders.

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