How the Fleeing Nazi's of WW2 made their Getaway After the War

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1y Oct 20, 2019

It was the 31st of January 1943, and after a gruelling 6 month battle over the politically vital city of Stalingrad, GeneralFeldMarschall Friedrich Paulus announces his and the German 6th army’s surrender, and thus Stalingrad is completely recaptured by the Red Army within the next couple days. It was this pivotal point in history that many believe was the turning point for the Germans in World War 2. They lost all their momentum in Russia, and from that day forward, the slow push all the way back to Berlin began for the allies. Nazi Germany was beginning to crumble, and despite Hitler’s propagandised reassurances, doubts were beginning to form in many people’s minds, and the self-preservation instinct kicked in for a lot of high-ranking Nazi’s and facists who knew they would be prosecuted at the wars end. This started a chain reaction that led to what came to be known as the Ratlines after the war, a series of routes that helped hundreds of fascist war criminals escape the swift and brutal hand of Justice present in a post world war 2 society. In today’s Front Episode, we’ll be taking at the reality of the escape networks that helped these war criminals and we’ll be answering a lot of those why questions people often have with a topic like this, such as why certain countries took them in, why there wasn’t more done to track them down and much more.

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