Most Boring Vlog Ever - Car Week, My Daily Got Hit, and Lots of Car vids to edit.

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5m Aug 4, 2021

Car Videos I know you need them, but I'm way behind on editing (car videos) I have like 6 to edit. But the truth is my schedule is getting busier and busier, so I put up the most Boring Vlog Ever, so I can tell you what I have going. My daily driver was in an accident, and that kind of sucks, so I have to commute my 981 GT4, which gives me a different perspective on Porsche's track weapon. I've been in a few collabs, and still have a few coming, which is very new for me. I'm rarely involved with Car Videos that aren't mine, and my creation, but they're coming. I have six, I think it's 6 Car Videos I need to edit, and I'm planning on going to Car Week in Monterey next week to hook up with Bill Eason from Eason Auto. Oh, and I have a Neurology appointment today, because I'm 200 years old and my leg feels numb, (Old guy problems.)

So if you don't want to watch this, you may want to go check out Ingo from, Genau Autowerks who has a pretty darn cool series called Riding Shotgun,


sorry about the lack of car videos this week,and being so behind, you'll have to tell other youtubers that they don't want me in their videos, so I can get to editing. :p

I know, one of you guys is going to tell me to get someone to Edit my videos for me, but the reality is, I edit my own videos as a point of Pride, and while I love youtube, it doesn't pay enough where it is something I can do as a full time job. Youtube is a wonderful creative outlet, but for me it's not full time, I don't have the exposure to make Car Videos full time, as much as I'd love to.

Have a great week, and thanks for watching Chasing the Apex, who would have thought two years ago Chasing the Apex would be a busy Autovlog? God knows I didn't!

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