Patreon Q&A, February 2020

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1y Feb 27, 2020

Bloke and Chap answer questions from Patrons. Topics discussed:

Teespring: https://teespring.com/stores/bloke-on-the-range-store

Textbook of Small Arms 1904: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aF2QVPLsAm1z_HjYORaTSEwdB1EF2rlw
Hatcher's Notebook: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HIBCDSILXy6X6RUhmjSMg8qCHxoIKWDt

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:59 Vetterli modifications for smokeless & GP90
2:49 What is an interesting skill you've picked up?
4:48 The Chap’s French skills, nationalities & Swiss-German
8:35 Will a straight-pull L1A1 be allowed in the next BOTR bolt action challenge?
10:34 Why are revolver hammers larger than those on semi-autos?
12:18 How do you actually use volley sights?
15:00 Future firearm myths to be debunked
19:43 Commercial ammunition manufacturers and 174gr FB bullets
23:20 Bloke and Chap’s experience with Japanese bolt actions
24:50 What were the limiting factors of early 20th century marksmen’s’ rifles?
31:50 Do Bloke or Chap like gin?
33:08 How many guns do each of you own and what are they?
33:45 What if the British had adopted a rimless cartridge post-WWI?
39:08 Thoughts on dry firing military bolt actions
41:12 Good things you remember about UK target rifle?
43:10 What are the best guns of the black powder era?
47:00 What is a good GP11 approximation for reloading?
49:48 Quality or matching serial numbers as a better indication of a rifle for target shooting
51:01 What happened to Schützen in Switzerland?
53:41 Reproduction bolt knobs for Swiss straight pulls & Sig 550 content
55:39 Is there shotgun shooting in Switzerland?
57:30 How do you reload for the Vetterli?
1:01:29 What is your favorite type of competitive shooting and what do you find most challenging?
1:04:30 Will you cover the South African take-down SMLE?
1:06:23 What is considered the best Swiss chocolate?

About Bloke on the Range

Firearms history, blokesplaining firearms mechanics, mythbusting, shooting sports and kitschy sketches all in one place. An often dry and sarcastic look at whatever takes the Bloke's and the Chap's fancy in the world of guns and shooting.


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