Don't Upset The Internet, Nagatoro-San

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3m Apr 7, 2021

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro is an upcoming anime about the frivolous relationship between Nagatoro-San, and, her senpai. However, this show was not met without controversy, that controversy is what I want to discuss today!

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In video's like this I play games like Minecraft 1.8.9, I play this version because I dislike Minecraft 1.9 PVP, maybe I'll update to Minecraft 1.17 after the cave update though.

In video's like this I talk about YouTubers like KSI, Pyrocynical, Prison Mate Luke, Thumin, MaximillianMus, Schlatt, Kero The Wolf, Butch Hartman, John Swan, Gacha Life and Hopeless Peaches.

This video is not an expose video of Prison Mate Luke (or maybe it is), this video is also not an expose video of John Swan (or maybe it is), this video is also not a Gacha
Life Cringe / GachaLifeCringe / r/GachaLifeCringe video (or maybe it is).

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