"A Wistful Gaze" Demo - Upcoming Narrative Soloing Pack

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12m Sep 20, 2020

The backing pack is done! All that's left is to write the PDF booklet that I plan on including, which will include a general guide on Phrasing/Motivic Development, and harmonic breakdowns of each backing. The pack will include 5 backings for you to play over (not just for guitarists!), and I really hope you enjoy working through them! Will be releasing the pack on September 25th via my website!

The idea originally started as just wanting to make a play-along track to play to out of boredom. The current pandemic has not exactly been kind to musicians, and I honestly really miss the feeling of playing live, with real instrumentalists.

Now while I can't simulate the feel entirely, I figured I could at least make a track that was engaging and filled that void in some way. What I didn't expect was people really digging the last track I posted...so I thought this might be a good idea to throw together. Not only to have something fulfilling to play to, but also as a way of getting us to really consider the dynamics, growth and contour of a solo. Crafting a narrative or a storyline, essentially.

In the meantime, I'm going to be sharing videos of each backing so you get an idea of each one, and these can be referenced as a guide for how I may approach some of these play-alongs. Here's the ballad track "A Wistful Gaze". Hope you enjoy!

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