July 2018 Q&A - Part 2 of 2

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3y Jul 31, 2018

Jacob F
00:04 - In your honest opinion, is someone in modern America with a snub nose or .380 in their pocket seriously under-armed?

Tim K
04:25 - What guns do you have an irrational hatred for and what guns do you have an irrational love of?

Tim B
06:24 - I’m seeing that SOCOM is switching from 7.62 NATO to 6.5 Creedmoor in some of their precision rifles. Is this an indication that the entire US military will go that direction?

Rhian H
06:43 - Would modernized lever-action shotguns actually be better than pumps for home defense?

Samuel H
07:18 - Is the piston AR going to see a comeback due to this but perhaps for the "right reasons"?

Joseph R
11:47 - When will see a 2GACM that starts on horseback (Simulated for the horses safety)?

Thomas V
12:53 - When will we see optics mounted pistols more widely accepted?

15:25 - Has anyone done scientific tests comparing milled receiver AK-47s with stamped receiver AKMs, or comparing AR-15s with AR-18s?

Joel H
16:57 - When i see photos of troops in Afghanistan i often see lots of guys with suppressors on their ARs. Are these soldiers using actual subsonic ammo on those guns or are they just outfitted with suppressors to reduce the sound footprint of the unit while still using standard ammo?

Max B
18:07 - With your 2-gun competition pistols, I suppose more so your Glock 19s than the H9s, were there any other pistols you considered?

19:32 What is with the not cleaning/ lubing guns obsession tat seems to permeate the firearms community?

John W
20:34 - What do you have against the 5.7 cartridge?

Ryan Z
21:19 What level of proficiency do you think one has to have with their conceal carry weapon of choice before carrying regularly?

Alvin York
24:37 - Who had the better doctrine when it came to the role of the sniper? The Soviets? Or The US/West.

Andrew D
25:23 - What is the single best thing you can do to improve your security online?

Sean O
26:14 - Do you think that your WWSD carbine would be too light for military issue or does stuff like the fiberglass lower make it durable enough for military issue.

27:11 - What are your feelings on multiple sighting systems on carbines and rifles?

Bryan W.
27:49 - Could you please answer the age old question... Ginger or Mary Ann?

Jonathan B
28:14 Hi guys, I'm thinking I may go for it and get myself a WWSD rifle. The thing is, I do not have the tools or skills necessary to do the complete build. Who would you recommend I enlist for help? Is going to a gunsmith the way to go? How much do you think a fair price for that service would be? Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!

28:55 My question is why would you go for lever gun Vs something along the lines or a Ruger mini14 or a KelTec su-16? Thanks again, keep up the good work.

Travis W
29:27 - Karl this question is mostly for you (because of your dislike for the Bullpup system). How manageable was The Recoil impulse and the feel of the Desert Tech MDR in 5.56, and how do you think it would perform in the two gun setting?

Craig S
30:17 - Is the Walther PPK/S still a reasonable choice as a CCW? Thanks!

Daniel T
30:53 - When you two were kids what was it that you wanted to do 'when you became grown-ups?' If that plan changed, why?

Sean S
32:44 - Hi Karl and Ian what is your thoughts on the difference between the 7mm and 8mm mauser rounds? I have heard good things about both cartridges but have only shot the 8mm mauser round. Keep up the great work guys I look forward to see whats next.

Terry B
33:13 - I’ve asked before but, here is my submission again and it's not an easy one line question. Why do bullet designers/makers cater to the gel test, when we're told gel isn't a true representation of tissue? Is there a better, more accurate test we should look at when we're trying to select self defense ammo? I feel like Paul Harrell"s "meat target" tests more accurately depict how a bullet performs. Your thoughts on his results? Thank you.

Spot S
34:46 - On a scale of 1 to Yes, how crazy fun would it be to try and run a Desert Eagle at a competition?

Matthew H
35:24 - Do you think any NFA items will ever be deregulated within the next 5-10 years?

Jeremy R
36:06 - Any recommendations on good training courses?

Scott S
36:47 - The Garand seems great but no love for the M1a. Why is that?

james K
37:30 - What stage props/target presentations do you love to see and want to see more of?

Matthew Y
38:17 - What are your thoughts on a sighting system using altered reality tech?

Derek M
39:49 - Karl, after a stab at an improved ak how far back is it from a wwsd? Do you think it could catch up in total performance?

Seth N
40:27 - Is there a reason semi-auto was not represented in your shotgun comparison video?

Callum B
41:36 - What; in your opinion, is the superior method of magazine release and retention and why?

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