Bboy Anime Character. Watch The End Results!

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1w Jun 4, 2021

I drew this anime character that was bboy (breakdancing) inspired. I'm not the best mangaka & I'm not perfect. My aim is to refine the way I draw my original manga characters. Combining two completely different genres like anime & hip-hop is a very unique challenge.

I guess I can also say that Samurai Champloo was also an inspiration in me just going with giving my anime characters a hip-hop vibe especially since the music was created by a well known Japanese DJ.

Hopefully though I'm giving people some inspiration to draw anime characters. It doesn't have to be your original anime characters per say but if you're wondering when you should start drawing manga don't overthink it, just pick up a pencil and just draw. If you suck who cares & just start drawing. You gotta start somewhere and just take action. I personally don't have any natural talent in anything so I just push myself.

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About Jovan’s Manga Project

What up, I'm a bboy who likes to draw original manga characters by combining anime art with bboy/hip-hop culture & a dose shonen anime-inspired elements.


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