AZ Independence Day Match 2016 - #4 - 400 Yards In A Canyon!

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5y Aug 4, 2016

Pushing the G3 out to 400 yards in a canyon after dragging a kettlebell with a 120 second par time?

Sure, why not - this must be stage 4 of 5 of the AZ 2016 Independence Day Match.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

We have a tradition of rifle matches used to celebrate specific things in Arizona, like President's Day, as well as Independence Day.

The AZ Independence Day match has been at different venues over the years and this year was its inauguration at Cowtown. Cowtown is an amazing facility with incredible ranges!

Karl used a Century Arms C308 G3/CETME with a Russian 3.5x20 VOMZ scope in the "Trooper" division. Trooper division requires the shooter to carry all of the gear and all of the ammunition they plan to use for the entire match through every stage.

This match is also a good cause, in that was a fund raiser for the Phoenix Children's Hospital that raised over $1000 for the kids.

A number of sponsors stepped up to the plate to promote the match and these ideals, please consider visiting them if you're in need of any gear or training:

KE ARMS - http://www.kearms.com/
We Plead the 2nd - http://www.wepleadthe2nd.com/
The Tactical Medic - http://shop.thetacticalmedic.com/
Wilderness Gear - http://www.thewilderness.com/
Redwire Gear - http://www.redwiregear.com/
Precision 3D Targets - https://www.p3dt.com

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