Predictions for 1st 2021 My Restaurant update: Royals coming BACK!

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5m Feb 7, 2021

Wealthy players, even somewhat wealthy players like myself, get asked every day for free items, or money. Royal furniture has made up the majority of those requests, especially, since the Christmas tree came out. The message board demands are very often for Royals, with many players even saying they are ready to spend roebucks on them. Even the Snowman/Gingerbread item makes the Royal set more valuable.

Nixxie of Big Games confirmed that it has always been the plan to re-release Royal Furniture in the Big Shop, as well as other items, based on popularity and necessity. While she has not stated Royals will be in the next update, she, and Big Games are well aware of the demand for them. EXPECT Royal Furniture on sale, for robucks, this coming update!

Young players need a new, stronger avenue to becoming billionaires, after obtaining the Big Gift, or whatever is going to replace that, so I discuss a suggestion I made to Big Games on a feature that would address that: Sponsoring. I dissect the details of that suggestion in video.

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