Ancient Olmec Origins | DNA

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2w Aug 28, 2021

Originally I had posted a large episode that explained and debunked the "theory" that the ancient Olmec Civilization of Mesoamerica was an African civilization. However due to the length of the episode I knew many people wouldn't be able to fully enjoy everything said by our various guests and so I decided to publish this episode separately as well.

In this episode we are joined by channel favorite Geneticist Razib Khan to talk about what ancient DNA has to say about not just the ancient Olmecs but about ancient Mexico and its populations in general.

We also explore current problems and issues that hinder studying the genetic history of Mexico and we address what we can do to help fix these issues within the genomic histories of the Americas.

We discuss the first populations and their genetics in the ancient Americas and what this tells us about populations in ancient Mexico but more importantly we discuss Mexico and its genetics today and how studies show that Mexicans fall into three ancestral groups (1) Iberian Europeans, (2) West Africans and (3) Indigenous Americans.

Lastly, we discuss what DNA has to say about the theory that the ancient Olmecs had African roots and how we have no genetic evidence for Africans in the Americas before 1492 CE.

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