Big Tech wants to be your Big Brother

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11m Oct 26, 2020

When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms first gained popularity, they were beacons of free speech, fun to use and enhanced the way we kept in touch with and communicated with people we cared about. However, these harmless social media platforms became very big, very fast and began to realise the power they held. When they made a change to their platform or a statement, everybody listened, including world governments. This was the beginning of Big Tech and their growing awareness of the influence they have over the world as a whole.
The problem comes when that influence is used to silence the free speech of specific groups in society, while giving a platform to others. Lately, we've seen exactly this and that's what this live will be exploring.

Come and join the conversation, grab a drink and let's talk! Do you think it's right for Big Tech to censor certain posts? Or should everybody have a voice and be open to being challenged? Let me know in the comments or the LIVE CHAT.

Question: Should big tech platforms be challenged on their censorship or are they private companies that can do as they please?

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