NOT just another GNARBOX 2.0 review!

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1y Oct 19, 2019

Latest in my series of "Not just another" style reviews. Long and in depth with explanations of things which give context to the product.

This one is about the really rather impressive in field backup device that does so much more. People see this and think it’s an expensive SSD drive. This is so much more than that. This is a computer WITH an SSD designed to manage your data in an incredibly rugged form factor.

The video whilst sponsored by Gnarbox. entirely represents my true and honest thoughts on it.

Pick up your own Gnarbox 2.0 here: http://bit.ly/gnarbox2bloom

Graded with Nitrate from Film Convert. Get 10% off now at http://bit.ly/fcnitrate

Thanks to Sarah Seal for the bar shot of me.

Music from Audio Network. Track listing below.
Closing In - Chris Egan, Sonia Slany, Paul Clarvis
Cirrus - Bob Bradley, Christopher Wonfor
Mystery is History - John Altman
Double Jeopardy - Chris Egan, Martin Williams
Toccata and Fuge - Bach. Arr. James Thomas
Gothic Toccata - Bach. Arr. Ben Parry, Alexander L’Estrange
Tommy’s Tango - Neil Sidwell
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Devastation - Patrick Hawes
Bosque Renewed - Christopher Slaski
Near the Surface - John Ashton Thomas
Falling In Air - Julie Cooper
Elysian Fields - Bob Bradley, Christopher Wonfor
Insider - Terry Devine-Kinghs
Beach Sketch - Tim Garland
Aqua Mundi - Julian Gallant, Jeff Meegan, David Tobin, Rob Kelly
Bad Cat - David Kelly
Funeral March - Paul Mottram
Paranoid Polka - Chris Warner

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