February 2021 Q&A w/Atun-Shei

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5m Feb 24, 2021

See the rest of our conversation over on Atun-Shei's channel ► https://youtu.be/Rp-rOBVwk7Q

This month we have a very special guest: Atun-Shei!
If you enjoy InRange's historical content, you'll love Atun-Shei's work, he's just freaking amazing.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:57 Cameron W - What historical event had much greater effect than people give it credit? Also, what event had much smaller effect?
06:50 Wayne W - What is your take on the role of weapons and firearms in the history of civil rights or what sorts of changes over time do you see in their use within the civil rights movements in your knowledge areas.
22:15 Tim K - Do you think amassed switch away from an advertiser-based revenue stream in favor of direct viewer support would help get rid of low effort click-bait on youtube?
34:09 Corey Zozac (?) - Are there any comments that were not quite right to use in an episode of check-mate Lincolnites that stuck with you or is worth mentioning?
43:05 Philip W - For historical content in videos is there a research time to video length ratio that's acceptable?
50:41 Matthew J - Cajun vs creole which side does more iconic New Orleans food originate with?
55:27 Have you ever heard the story about the devil coming to Ipswich Massachusetts and leaving a hoof print?
59:50 Scene L (?) - To what degree do you think the movie Ravenous was inspired by the story of Donner Party?
1:02:47 Forrest S - Does Django Unchained have any historical accuracies besides the fragrant use of racial slurs?
1:06:30 Joshua K - What common New Orleans staple do you miss the most when you're away?

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