Whip Your D**K Out And Get FAMOUS - Noise Of The Broke Boys W/ IS

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1m Nov 28, 2021

Is, AKA Dae Dae, is a bboy from the infamous breakdancing crew, DSD1, and musician representing the group The Dance Band. He is also an important innovator of the airchair freeze. We discuss fame, hardwork and get a bit goofy reminiscing on past battles and events.

Noise of the Broke Boys Podcast - Episode 041

Whip Your D**K Out And Get FAMOUS - Noise Of The Broke Boys W/ IS

W/U's album, Acuestate is used as a backing track to this entire podcast.

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A broke degenerate hooligan documents conversations about being a Bboy, Breakin', Hip Hop, Dance, Art, Music, Creativity, Innovation, and the slow subtle crumble of society in audio form.

About Noise of the Broke Boys

A podcast that attempts to dig deep into what drives artists and their creative intent within the Hip Hop Arts.


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