Low light comparison: GH5s vs A7SII vs A7RIII

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3y Feb 1, 2018

Probably the dullest video I have ever made (!) but I really wanted to see for myself how the Panasonic GH5S compares to the king of low light the Sony A7SII. I also threw in the Sony A7RIII just because I had it with me!

Obviously you are looking at compressed video here which sucks of course so that's why I have made the original camera files available for you to download here: https://we.tl/Lg136O7UcM

This is NOT a scientific test, the glass wasn't matched but I did make the shutter speed and F stop match on the cameras and used comparable profiles.

If you use them please give me credit. Thank you!

Thanks to WEX Photo Video for the loan of the camera. I wasn't able to do any more tests with the camera as I have been down the flu...at least I managed to get something done!!

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