🚐🏞️ How to Plan Your Alaska Road Trip: Still Possible in 2021! | Newstates Go North: EP4

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2m Jul 22, 2021

Embarking on a road trip to Alaska is an RVers right of passage! We're helping answer the tough questions: will the road destroy my RV? What about connectivity or food prices? Where should we camp? Watch Part 3 of our Alaska Road Trip: overnight in Whittier (most isolated town?)
🚐🏞 https://youtu.be/yOC1C0qkvqw

We've made the trip twice in our Winnebago Navion and are giving you 7 tips to help plan your Alaskan RV Adventure!

0:00 Intro
0:14 Tip #1: Make sure you have enough time to enjoy both the drive up AND explore Alaska!
2:00 Tip #2: Planning includes using books to find fuel stops instead of mobile connectivity and also preparing your RV
6:02 Tip #3: Mandatory Pet Health Certificates for Alaska
6:53 Tip #4: Try a Variety of Camping Styles
8:17 Tip #5: Prices May Vary on groceries and goods in Alaska
9:38 Tip #6: Be prepared for almost 24 hours of daylight
11:19 Tip #7: You don’t have to plan all this alone, utilize groups and caravans to Alaska

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📖 Resources and Links 📖

The Milepost: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1892154390/?ref=exp_newstatenomads_dp_vv_d

Mike & Teri Church's Travelers Guide to Alaskan Camping: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0982310188/?ref=exp_newstatenomads_dp_vv_d

Tourism Dawson Creek Camping, Fuel, services along the Alaska Highway
(Scan of 2019 Document)

Alaska Pet Health Certificates: https://dec.alaska.gov/eh/vet/import-export/pets/

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