Orcas - DJI Mavic Pro

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4y Nov 22, 2016

My DJI Mavic review is at http://gopb.co/mavic

This was taken from short flight whilst out Whale watching with my DJI Mavic Pro, just one battery used. Taking off and landing from a small speedboat was challenging with the IMU and with take off and landing but the shots were worth it.

I was mainly out to take photos (I have posted those and ones of the Aurora on Flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/philipbloom/albums/72157676834210515)

There is so little light right now in Tromso, Norway where I filmed this. The sun doesn't make it fully over the horizon so you get light for a couple of hours and that light isn't strong. Not idea for the Mavic but I shot in 2.7K 25p at ISO 200, 1/50th second for the most part. Profile was preset off, sharpness -1, contrast 0, saturation, 0

Music from http://AudioNetwork.com
Guy Farley
"We shall rebuild""
Thanks to Ole Salomonsen of http://ARCTICLIGHTPHOTO.NO


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