The ONE WEIRD PROBLEM with Destiny 2 on PC!

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3y Sep 2, 2017

Destiny 2 is out in just a few days on PS4 and Xbox One with the PC release soon to follow. The PC version just went through its beta giving players their fist glimpse at Bungie’s sci fi universe on PC. Apparently it runs superbly with 60fps gameplay and mouse and keyboard precision making the game a breeze to play. Turns out though, that might be a bit of a problem.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Jake Kulkowski
Script: Liam Mckelvey
Editor: Jake Kulkowski

Curse of Osiris DLC planned

Destiny 2 on PC is supposedly easier because of mouse and 60fps

Returning players will be “Rewarded”

Destiny 2 exclusive loot if you have Virgin Fibre Internet

Pre-loading has started on PS4 and Xbox 1

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