2gACM Outtake - Ballistic Shield Stage

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5y Jan 16, 2016


In the January 2016 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, one of the stages was inspired by the terrorist attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris. In the aftermath of the event, pictures were published of a ballistic shield used by responding police officers, which was pockmarked with dozens of bullet impacts.

The officer carrying such a shield typically is armed with a pistol, in order to carry the shield with one hand and fire while exposing a minimum amount of their body. So for this stage, we had to engage all pistol targets through the viewing port in a mockup ballistic shield.

Ian used a Glock 19 with Trijicon RMR red dot optic, and Karl used an HK VP-9. Additional "tactical" use of the shield, such as reloading under cover with it, was entirely optional (but interesting to try).

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