5th Dimension & Beyond Begins w/1st Amendment w/Vickie Luna

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2m Jul 28, 2021

Welcome to another podcast episode of Merkaba Chakras. I’m your host, Von Galt. Today, we talk about the traits of 5th dimension consciousness that manifests our physical reality in this dimension with expert manifester and author, Vickie Luna. As an intuitive medical reader and teacher, she will let us know what probable reality she sees. If we do not want that reality to manifest, then we must support free speech and the 1st amendment. Vickie, welcome to Merkaba Chakras!

Video interview here as well:


  1. Before we dig into your work. Can you tell us your story of how you got into this work?

  2. How do define the 5th dimension consciousness?

  3. What is the difference between manifesting in a 5th dimension consciousness vs. a 3rd dimension consciousness? Examples?

  4. What is your experience working with clients and students who seek your expertise to address medical issues using these manifestation techniques?

  5. Have you, a client or student ever manifested a new outcome, which has a completely different history than what you remember experiencing?

  6. Let’s talk about a vibrational career path. Can you provide advice on how to use the higher energies to ease us into the most enjoyable career path?

  7. What are some tips for manifesting the highest version of their personal relationships? How can single people manifest a 5th dimensional and above love interest?

  8. What advice do you have for 5D people who feel alone in their life with loved ones who live in a 3D manner in these higher dimensional energies?

  9. What can people expect to learn in your courses and retreats?

  10. Do you have a last message for the builders of the 5th dimension Earth?

For more information about Vickie Luna's courses, retreats, and books: https://vickieluna.com/

To learn more about Von Galt's metaphysical work, visit my website below.

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