[Banned On YouTube] Kim Clement's Prophecy and 2021 Donald Trump Ohio June 26 Speech

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5m Jun 29, 2021

[Banned On YouTube]
Kim Clement's Prophecies from 2007 to 2014 make a whole lot more sense in 2021 presented before the 2021 Ohio Speech and Rally. We saw many of them fulfilled, one by one between 2016 to 2020, but then we went into this season, that Kim Clement prophesied as "A veil that has been placed upon this nation", that has since followed. ("The veil" portion of the prophecy was originally made public on YouTube in July 2016 by YouTuber Doug Price It was not until much later that Kim Clement's own channel began mentioning the now infamous Trump Prophecies. The most revealing of which Kim gave in 2014)

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SellerThink @randydreammaker 5m 5 months ago

My Google Nest Mini turns on and apparently begins recording for a few minutes, when Donald Trump's voice comes on. About five minutes into him talking. It's done it several times until I told Google Assistant to stop recording without asking. Then it stopped doing it until other days I tested it to see if it did it again. One of these days, I do not think anyone is going to be shocked when a Whistle Blower at Google reveals it's been profiling us through its Google Assistant.

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matt @matt 3m 3 months ago

In this speech, President Trump makes the clearest revelation to date of just how the criminal socialists rigged the 2020 election, using covid as a pretext to the massive ballot box stuffing scheme that defrauded America of our lawfully elected President. Whatever it takes, we must not ever, ever, allow this to happen again.

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