JLemonGrass: ANTI-LGBTQ+ MCC Artist (Racism, Transphobia, Supporting Incest)

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2w Jul 16, 2021

JLemonGrass was an official artist for the Minecraft Championships, an event played by members of the Dream SMP, including Dream, TommyInnit, Quackity & more. Recently they were exposed for their insensitive past tweets and subsequently fired from the Minecraft Championships team... But what were their actual tweets?

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_.P3RZ0N @p3rz0n 1w 1 week ago

Ight imma just unload. Hopefully, I get HarleyTBS's attention that way he can either clarify or correct the following statements. Or just random people will idk.

  • The fact that crap tons of this evidence is from one account (| makalya |) is kinda odd.
  • The mistitle "hates LGBT+" when actually she meant she hated the PROPAGANDA on Twitter
  • (General Opinion) The fact that everyone is promoting LGBT+ on social media is fine, but when someone disagrees, they should be removed from social media?!?!??!?!??!
  • 3:27 - One screenshot is a valid piece of evidence of being racist (though it may be misquoted), but the others are just opinions???
  • That "homophobic slur" that was mentioned somewhere around 5:20, not a lot of people do actually know what the word means. Most people only know when to use the word, but not really what it means. Example. If someone were to wuss out on something, then some people would use that word. Hopefully, you understand what I mean, but I can clarify if you wish.

While you did hope to give the viewer an "unbiased" view on the matter, I believe there is some in it 😬😬😬. But really though I do wish to hear a response from someone about this. I might not get back to you for a week or so just because I'll be out in the middle of nowhere for a little, so yeah. Thanks!

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