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The System is Down Episode 257

Toxic Libertarians & Shadow Governments (Dan on Adam Nutter's The Porcupine)

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1m Jul 26, 2021

I'm at camp this week, but I won't completely leave you hanging. This is my conversation on Adam Nutter's fantastic show, The Porcupine, where we dig into my liberty origins, my work on the Jorgensen Campaign, toxic "libertarians", shadow governments, collapsing systems, and more. Go check out and subscribe to Adam's show and I'll see you guys next week!

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On this episode, I have on THE WISE Dan Smotz from "The System Is Down" podcast! Dan and I discuss what brought Dan into the liberty movement, Dan's work on the Jorgensen campaign, we talk about his podcast and also we discuss the absolute hate the Mises caucus gets from a certain side who loves to project on others. All that and more!!

Adam Nutter:

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